About Us

Our mission at Pitcher's Tee LLC is to inspire young athletes to greater self esteem through excellence on the pitcher's mound.

The company was founded in 2013 by Bryan LeBlanc, a youth pitching coach in Sacramento, CA. Bryan has had a passion for baseball, and especially pitching, since he first put on a uniform as an eight year old. Studying the game and his craft for the next twenty years, Bryan was amazed at the lack of comprehensive pitching training devices on the market. Baseball players looking to improve their performance at the plate had it easy, but pitchers had little outside of private pitching instruction to help improve their pitching mechanics. Enter the Pitcher's Tee™.

As a mechanical engineer, Bryan has tinkered with various products and designs to help pitchers develop and hone proper mechanics. The Pitcher's Tee does just that.
We are a small business looking to bring this revolutionary pitching training aid to baseball players around the globe. Since the company launched, we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from parents, coaches, professional players, and -- most importantly -- from the young baseball players who love using the Pitcher's Tee.

Our company is driven by three things:

1) Passion for the wonderful game of baseball
2) Commitment to always do what is right for our customers
3) Dedication to improve the lives of the world's youth through sports

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to contact us at any time to talk about our products, baseball in general, or how we might be able to assist you in your endeavors.


Bryan LeBlanc
Pitcher's Tee LLC
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