"It’s always a challenge getting the instructors to implement new things but we’ve had success with the Pitcher's Tee. Once they use it, they really like it. The best report I got was from a coach who said he could stop using words and just demonstrate how to use the Tee and it got the kids where he wanted them. That’s high praise and exactly what I was hoping for."
- Tim Rappe, Executive Director, Cincinnati Reds Baseball Camps

"In the short time that we've had the Pitcher's Tee, it is starting to become an essential training tool for our pitchers. It is remarkably versatile and has been used by beginners and skilled high school veterans. The Pitcher's Tee is highly recommended for anyone at home, at a training facility for instructors, or coaches as a team training tool. Clients have noticed that it enhances the learning experience by having a visual tool, and it is something that all players have enjoyed using. There has been a noticeable difference in arm slots, release points, and overall control and balance of my clients. I've even used it as a guide to keep players from drifting off to the side after their release and keeping their alignment while striding toward the catcher. The first response is 'but it's the towel drill!' but it really does so much more."
- Jason Trask, GM South Shore Baseball Club (Hingham, Mass.)

"This product is excellent! For years I've been looking for an analogy to hitting off a tee but for pitchers. Now it's here. A pitcher can finally get the quality reps needed without wear and tear on the arm. The feedback is immediate: if you aren't hitting the target your mechanics are flawed. Keep externally trying to hit the target and your mechanics will fix themselves! I really love this thing. I'm getting a ton of reps in everyday. It is the perfect drill!"
- Al Coleman, Customer and Loyal User

"We use the Pitcher's Tee throughout our organization and our offered instructional clinics. It is a great instructional solution for the new baseball player as well as the seasoned baseball player. Great for mechanics and follow through. Great product!"
- David Piesko, Hawks GOLD Baseball (Howell, Michigan)

“Just wanted to say that I love the Pitcher’s Tee! This thing is awesome, man. It is so nice to not have to stand in front of the kids with my glove stuck out for them to hit anymore! Thanks again.”
- Clayton Andrews, MLB Pitcher and Professional Pitching Coach (Tampa, FL)

"I would highly recommend this trainer."
- Terry Adams, MLB Pitcher


"They're fantastic! Very pleased with the purchase."
- Karl Kling, Owner Michigan Sports Academy

"I started using it with my kids. I like The Pitcher's Tee!"
- Kevin Mulholland, MiLB Pitcher


"It was a pleasure to meet you Friday. I really appreciate the fantastic customer service! Patrick has not stopped putting in reps since he got it. I bet he puts in every bit of 100 reps every time he picks up the ball. One of his biggest issues as a pitcher, is his release point. I can see how this tool will provide him with the proper mechanics, and muscle memory that he needs to throw strikes."
- Dale Hopkins, Baseball Dad (Tampa, FL)


"It is awesome! It is a great tool. I've already begun using it with my pitchers. Once again Thank you!"
- Irvin Carillo, Pitching Coach (Puerto Rico)